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HempWool Insulation for Remodels and Renovations

Starting a home renovation or remodel comes with a plethora of moving parts... and costs. From new ideas to tasks, the never-ending list of home improvements can seem daunting. Although it's important to remain cost-effective and on schedule, taking the opportunity of looking at the current condition of your insulation and evaluating if an upgrade is needed presents an advantage that can pay for itself in a few years' time.

Insulation in our homes, above all, aims to keep homes comfortable when temperatures outside aren't. The role of insulation is to prevent a phenomenon known as heat transfer, the process in which heat dissipates towards colder areas. That means in the wintertime, the heat in your house is trying to get outside, and vice-versa for summer when all the outside heat creeps inside your air-conditioned building. Although insulation is primarily unseen, it can make a massive difference to your home's comfort level, lower your utility bills, and reduce health risks and hazards. Taking the chance to replace deteriorated insulation can increase the potential return on investment. Here at Hempitecture, we wanted to share our insights on why you should be inspecting your current insulation during a remodel and why using HempWool insulation can help you achieve several goals for your remodel in one job.

Why You Should Reinsulate Your Home During a Remodel

Access to Older Insulation

Your home can be split into two different regions: the conditioned areas (where your furnace and air conditioner keep the air at a certain temperature), and the unconditioned areas like your attic, crawlspace, and garage. Even the spaces in your exterior walls are unconditioned. Windows, doors, and insulation all form an important part of the unconditioned area referred to as the building envelope.

If in your renovations you are repainting, taking down drywall, or repairing any damages on the building envelope, this is a great opportunity to gain access to that hard-to-reach insulation. Take the extra step to inspect the condition of your building insulation when working in crawl spaces, the crevices of your attic, and around your wallboards. Check for signs of moisture, pests, and other damages of deflation. These are not only signs for you to remove and replace the material as soon as possible, but they can also reveal bigger problems like water damage, infestation, or significant air leaks.

Reduce Health Risks

Checking your insulation during a remodel is crucial to protecting you and those in your household from potential health risks and hazards. When you or an insulation technician inspect the insulation material, it's necessary to look out for signs of deterioration, moisture, or pests. While insulation can typically last up to 15 years, there are a number of variables that increase the rate of deterioration which depending on the insulation used in the home can also off-gas chemicals into the air and throughout your home. Discovering these damages can direct you towards larger problems such as leaks, structural damage, and infestation.

Reduce Energy Costs

Older homes tend to lack sufficient insulation in general, but even newer homes can have deteriorated or poorly installed insulation, leaving you vulnerable to unwanted heat in the summer or freezing temperatures during the winter. Because of this, your HVAC system would have to work harder to keep up with the temperature on the thermostat. Not only does this drastically increase your energy bills, but it can also lead to higher maintenance fees to repair your overworked unit down the line. As we stated above, insulation helps maintain a comfortable climate in your home through temperature regulation, and indoor air quality which in turn lowers your HVAC needs and energy costs, even during extreme temperatures throughout the year, providing the opportunity to improve home dwellers' comfort and deliver savings on monthly heating and cooling bills.

Hemp Insulation for remodeling and renovations

The Benefits of HempWool Insulation for Renovations

Healthy, Clean, Sustainable

Improved Air Quality: HempWool insulation contains no VOCs which leads to a healthy indoor quality. Without fear of materials off-gassing into your home, HempWool is the healthiest and safest choice for insulation.

An added bonus? HempWool is composed of 92% plant-based fibers, so it will benefit you and the environment! It is the first and only USDA Bio-based certified insulation available on the market.

HempWool Saves on Energy Costs

The choice of remodeling or renovating your home is an effort to make a positive return on investment choices. Whether it's to increase your home's value, improve the energy efficiency of the house, or reduce costs with upgraded products. With adequate coverage and properly installed insulation, you can significantly improve each of these aspects, but it was the most impact on your energy costs.

The hygrometric behavior of bio-based materials such as HempWool leads to a competitive advantage thanks to its ability to retain and release moisture without loss of efficiency. As a vapor-permeable hygrometric material, HempWool allows moisture to pass through while being naturally mold and pest resistant.

HempWool insulation is an efficient phase-shift regulator meaning the greater the heat retention of the insulation is, the longer the phase shift time will be, and the longer the room will be able to keep its desired temperature helping you save on your energy bills by keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Easy to Install

The pressure fit system of installation means that HempWool can be cut and installed easily without having to rent gear, or wear hazmat suits, all while keeping yourself or the contractors safer in the long run. This system also means that HempWool will stay in place with no slumping and sagging leading to better overall performance, as it ensures a tight thermal envelope. No worries about costly call-backs on toxic products!

Durable and Long Lasting

As a natural bio-based material, you don't have to worry about fluctuating and shrinking insulation that can damage your foundation or wood framing such as spray foam. HempWool insulation is durable and long-lasting as it gets its strength from resilient hemp fibers which are naturally pest, mold, and rodent resistant. You can rest assured knowing the HempWool insulation will keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable all year round after your remodel.

Supporting US Grown and Manufactured Building Products

After years of planning, and fundraising through WeFunder, and with the help of our team and our partners, the vision of producing HempWool in the US is coming to life! We will be sourcing all of our raw materials from around the United States, which in turn supports rural agriculture and the US economy by onshoring our manufacturing and materials!

The decision to renovate or remodel can spiral into a number of new projects, plans, and expectations. One of the most important decisions a homeowner can do is to focus on realistic expectations while choosing materials that are of high-quality and better health for those in the home. Remodeling is a great opportunity to take care of old, deteriorated, and damaged insulation and replace it with the healthiest and cleanest option: HempWool insulation.

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