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Make the 

Hemp Building



We make building with hemp easy.

Hempitecture is the US leader in hemp construction. We work with architects, builders, engineers, and developers to build energy efficient, non-toxic, and carbon absorbing environments. We can help you use hemp based insulation materials on your next project.


Our material is...

Plant Based.

Our insulation products are made with hemp from the highest quality farmers and processors in the United States and Canada.  We are committed to finding local hemp materials that meet high quality standards.


Bound By Earth.

Hempitecture offers a variety of binder solutions depending on your project's installation strategy and performance goals.  We have well-tested pozzolan additives for local hydrated lime as well as natural cements that can be used in spray application.  

The importance of hempcrete binder can never be underestimated and our products were carefully selected and tested to create long lasting biocomposites that are resilient, healthy, and high performing.


Carbon Dioxide Absorbing.

We believe your walls should not just keep you comfortable, they should protect rather than endanger you.

The materials used to build hempcrete and HempWool insulation are non-toxic and carbon-negative due to the rapid absorption of CO2 during the life cycle of the industrial hemp plant. Few decisions can take as much carbon out of the atmosphere as deciding to build with hempcrete. 


Why Hemp Insulation?


Increased Energy Performance

Buildings insulated with HempWool™ or hempcrete are thermally efficient and capable of decreasing a building owner's heating and cooling costs.  In addition to a high R-value, hempcrete has a high thermal mass to store heat and its monolithic form eliminates thermal bridging.


Hempcrete has the maximum fire rating for a building material, meaning it can meet or exceed all building code fire rating specifications.  It also serves to protect the inner structural parts of your wall from fire and can even be used for the explicit purpose of creating a firewall.


Hempcrete does not share the 
problems common to traditional wall materials.  Hempcrete is not susceptible to pests or mold, it does not off-gas harmful VOCs, and it provides significant sound absorption and satisfying acoustics.

Save Money

Hempcrete reduces monthly energy costs and does not incur the maintenance costs of other materials.  Because hempcrete replaces several elements of a wall assembly and uses a highly efficient installation processes, you will not only earn long-term savings, but you could save on construction costs as well.


The Hempitecture Approach


Ready to talk about your project?


Together, it's possible.

We have a unique approach to building with hemp. By using technology and systems thinking to make hempcrete installation less labor intensive and time consuming, we are making strides towards a future where hemp is a more widely used material. 

Our goal is to help you incorporate hemp into every project. Whether you're a builder, an architect, or even someone who is interested in building their own home, together it's possible to build with HempWool™ and hempcrete.


Our Systems

We offer several choices to make your project a hempcrete project and ensure we are meeting your design and insulation needs.  Whether you are working with a custom design or want to use prefabricated modular construction, we can help you accomplish your project goals.



Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 4.23_edited.png

Sprayed Hempcrete




Our Values

We believe buildings should be beautiful and help the inhabitants live happier lives. This can be accomplished with materials that repair rather than harm our planet. We do not compromise the quality of the materials we use or the finished product we produce and take pride in making every project a shining example of hemp construction.

Hempitecture is a public-benefit corporation with a stated purpose to create healthy, energy efficient habitats that positively impact inhabitants as well as environment through the sequestration of Carbon Dioxide.


"We believe the notion that the buildings and spaces we spend our lives in should be made to be healthy, nurturing, and contributing to our well-being." – Matthew Mead, Founder