For People & Planet

We manufacture healthy, high-performing thermal insulation made of hemp, creating energy-efficient homes while also giving back to the environment by sequestering Carbon Dioxide.

Why we do, what we do.

About Hempitecture

Since 2013, we’ve manufactured the most sustainable building materials on the planet. Our plant-based insulation benefits both people and the planet because they are derived from carbon-capturing, agricultural industrial hemp, a non-toxic renewable feedstock.


Hempitecture imagines a tangible future where natural, non-toxic building materials like HempWool become the industry standard. We believe by producing natural building materials, we can significantly decarbonize built environments. In doing so we help create healthier buildings, happier people, and a healthier planet.

From Field to Form
From Field to Form
From Field to Form
From Field to Form
Why Hempitecture
Why Hempitecture
Why Hempitecture
Why Hempitecture


of all greenhouse gas emissions are generated by built environments. This is a larger footprint than any other sector.

It’s critical to eliminate carbon emissions

We need to rethink building materials and break the current modalities in manufacturing.

But first we need to understand two designations of carbon emissions.

Embodied Carbon is the sum of all greenhouse gas emissions to product materials for a building.

Operational Carbon is the amount of carbon emitted during the in-use phase of a building.

The Ingredients Matter
The Ingredients Matter
The Ingredients Matter
The Ingredients Matter

To truly make a global impact, first we must lower embodied carbon in building materials.

Secondly, the low-carbon materials we use, must contribute to energy- efficient built environments.

Biobased materials.

We have a solution

The majority of a building’s total embodied carbon is released at the beginning of a building’s life.


Unlike operational carbon, there is no chance to decrease embodied carbon after the building is constructed.


Hempitecture’s products solve for both embodied and operational carbon emissions

This is why we’ve built Hempitecture.

Greening construction with our biobased insulation, cutting embodied carbon impact sustainably.

Meet the Problem Solvers

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