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Gone are the days of the itchy pink stuff. Hempitecture HempWool is a thermal insulation building material that is good for you and our planet. Made of 90% natural fiber, HempWool is the safe, healthy, and sustainable insulation.

Where HempWool is used

HempWool is ideal in multiple locations throughout a build. Click the plus signs to learn more about how and where HempWool is used.

HempWool is also an ideal insulation for vans, RV's, and modular homes. Do you have an idea and need to talk to someone from Hempitecture? Either send us a message or book consulting time.

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Want to know more about HempWool and natural building products from Hempitecture? We've assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you to use as a reference. There's lots of terminology and questions that come to mind when building a project, let our FAQ guide you.


How to

HempWool is easy to buy. With our locations growing across the US, you can buy HempWool direct from one of these locations using our Buy Direct Platform. 

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Seeing and feeling HempWool is believing. We offer sample boxes of HempWool so you can believe in it before you buy for your project.

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Meet HempWool®

See our range of healthy insulation.

R7 HempWool

At 2" thick, our R7 HempWool panel is ideal for locations where a thinner insulation is necessary.

Sold in 16" & 24" OC widths.

704 SqFt / Pallet

$1.10 / SqFt

$774.40 / Pallet

R7 Hemp Insulation
R13 HempWool

At 3.5" thick, our R13 HempWool Panel is ideal for 2x4 wall construction.

Sold in 16" & 24" OC widths.

400 SqFt / Pallet

$1.35 / SqFt

$540 / Pallet

R13 Hemp Insulation
R20 HempWool

At 5.5" thick, our R20 HempWool Panel is ideal for 2x6 wall construction.

Sold in 16" & 24" OC widths.

256 SqFt / Pallet

$1.95 / SqFt

$499.20 / Pallet

R28 HempWool

At 7.5" thick, our R28 HempWool Panel is ideal for 2x8 wall construction.

Sold in 16" & 24" OC widths.

192 SqFt / Pallet

$2.50 / SqFt

$480 / Pallet

R28 Hemp Insulation

What R Value do I need?

Often, the R value needed is determined by your Climate Location and local building codes.


Click the button below to see a Climate Zone Map of the US. This will is a helpful reference for determining what R Value you need to achieve.

Additionally, HempWool is suited to meet the depth of your studs. Generally, you can match the depth of your studs with the depth of HempWool. You can also apply HempWool in layers.

Dynamic Shipping Quotes

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US Manufacturing

Our USA Manufacturing facility is coming online in Q2 2022. This nonwoven manufacturing plant means we're purchasing fiber from US farmers, creating US jobs, and manufacturing US building materials.

We're proud to manufacture HempWool here in the states, and know that whether you're a distributor, and installer, a one time home builder, or an architect, we look forward to serving you for many years to come.


Standards Testing

HempWool Products have been tested to meet or exceed most relevant ASTM standards for insulation. Your material selections should always be verified by local code officials. Hempitecture is not responsible for your Code Compliance.

Want to learn more? View our Technical Data Sheet.



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