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A fiber batt insulation product

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Biobased Material

92% Hemp Fiber

Low Carbon Footprint Hypoallergenic

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Thermal Resistance of 3.7/in High Mechanical Strength Hygrometric Regulator

Able to Store Heat

Energy efficient






Cuts Easily

Standardized Panel Sizes

Various Depths

You can feel the difference with HempWool.


Gone are the days of the itchy pink stuff. Hempitecture HempWool is an insulation building material that is good for you and our planet. With an R-Value of R-3.7/in, it outperforms our toxic competitors and is made from 92% industrial hemp fiber.

HempWool comes in various depths and widths to meet your needs.


2" Deep

48" Long


15 1/4" (16" OC)

23 1/4" (2' OC)

704 SqFt / Pallet


3.5" Deep

48" Long


15 1/4" (16" OC)

23 1/4" (2' OC)

400 SqFt / Pallet


5.5" Deep

48" Long


15 1/4" (16" OC)

23 1/4" (2' OC)

256 SqFt / Pallet


7.5" Deep

48" Long


15 1/4" (16" OC)

23 1/4" (2' OC)

192 SqFt / Pallet

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HempWool cost is factored by the Square Foot.

Each R Value Product has a different cost:

R7 = $1.10 / SqFt

R13 = $1.35 / SqFt

R20 = $1.95 / SqFt

R28 = $2.50 / SqFt

To calculate your total cost, including shipping, visit our Factory Direct ordering page:

Standards Testing

HempWool Products have been tested to meet or exceed most relevant ASTM standards for insulation. Your material selections should always be verified by local code officials. Hempitecture is not responsible for your Code Compliance.

Want to learn more? View our Technical Data Sheet.


R Value

Often, the R value needed is determined by your Climate Location and local building codes.


Click the button below to see a Climate Zone Map of the US. This will is a helpful reference for determining what R Value you need to achieve.

Additionally, HempWool is suited to meet the depth of your studs. Generally, you can match the depth of your studs with the depth of HempWool/

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The perfect insulation for #VanLife

HempWool® is flexible enough to be ideal for insulation camper vans and RV build outs. HempWool was engineered for homes, but there is no better insulation on the market for your home on wheels. 




HempWool is easy to work with.

Imagine a job site where all the other trades don't lament about the day the insulation installers come. Messy, itchy, toxic, conventional insulation isn't a joy for any builder to be around.

HempWool is good for everyone, from the installers, to other tradespeople on the job, to the client, who gets to live in a healthy, well insulated home.

All it takes is learning the basics method of installing HempWool into your walls and ceilings to get going. You'll also need to have a few tools that aren't common in conventional insulation jobs.

Learn the techniques and tools of the trade by visiting our Resources Page


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