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HempWool Insulation

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Hempitecture HempWool Insulation for a healthier home.

Hempitecture, in conjunction with our material processing and manufacturing partners, are proud to offer a product that has never been commercially available in the United States before: a hemp fiber based insulation product called HempWool.

What is HempWool? HempWool is an environmentally friendly insulation product that can be used in your home or commercial building project. HempWool is comprised of 92% industrial hemp fiber, specifically processed as a component for HempWool. HempWool meets Class A fire requirements, is non-toxic, and contributes to a healthy home.

Why not use FiberGlass or similar products when insulating your home? Ask any builder or insulation installer if they like working with fiberglass. Without a doubt, most will tell you that working with fiberglass is an unpleasant experience. This is because the fibers that comprise fiberglass insulation are abrasive. They irritate the skin, leaving itchy rashes if skin comes in contact. Breathing fiberglass into your lungs is believed to be cancer-causing. Despite this, fiberglass remains the primary choice for insulating your home because it is cheap and easy to work with.

Healthy homes are more important than ever. We're spending a lot of time indoors, and the materials that surround us matter. Why should we wrap our homes in a blanket of material that is known to cause health complications, and can't even be handled without covering all of your skin? HempWool changes all of this with a healthy, non-abrasive approach to insulation.

HempWool can be handled without gloves and with skin exposed because it is non-abrasive. The hemp fiber itself is highly absorbant, which lends to one of HempWool's greatest attributes; vapor permeability. Hempitecture HempWool insulation is a vapor permeable material; moisture can move through HempWool and be adsorbed by the fibers, with no threat of degredation or mold to the material itself. This all translates to thermal comfort; HempWool makes your home feel better.

Are you ready to build sustainably, easily? HempWool is your answer.

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