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Hempcrete Wall Detailing

In October of 2019, Hempitecture collaborated with an architectural team, with architect of record as Mell Lawrence Architects, to detail and build hempcrete wall mockups. Small scale mockups can be useful to see different construction techniques and strategies on a small scale, before a full size project is built.

Mell Lawrence Architects beautifully detailed 2 different styles of hemp lime wall assemblies:

1) Frame on Center

2) Frame to Outside

Both wall sections have their advantages and are used for particular instances. The first style, "frame on center" is often used in conjunction with cast in place and is the most "pure" approach to hempcrete, if there is such a thing. The structural frame, generally wood framing, is buried into the center of the wall and the hempcrete wall is plastered on both sides. With this technique, there is no thermal bridging and the mass of the wall itself becomes the defining feature of this technique. Windows are centered and installed on the structural frame, with detailing cognizant of window water draining.