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Our team is happy to help. Book a call that fits your need and get the answers you need from hemp building professionals.

Questions on building with

HempWool and Hempcrete?

Our team has worked on 15 hempcrete projects and has serviced hundreds of HempWool customers across the US. We're standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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Max SagDahl

Max is Hempitecture's Lead Technician. With incredible experience working with the materials both on job sites and off, Max is our go-to-guy for introductions and in-depth knowledge on our insulation products.



Jonnie is the Growth Operations Specialist at Hempitecture. With a passion for sustainability and material resources, Jonnie is eager to answer your general questions about Hempitecture.

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Tommy Gibbons

Cofounder and COO of Hempitecture, Tommy is available for Project Specific Consultations, and when you order from Hempitecture, Tommy will oversee your logistics.


Mattie Mead

Founder and CEO of Hempitecture, Mattie is architecturally trained and an experienced builder. Mattie is available for Project Plan Review and Project Specific Evaluations.

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