In-Cavity solution

Hempwool® R28 Batt insulation

HempWool R28

The intersection of efficiency and sustainability.

Hempwool® R28 Batt insulation

Hemp fiber batt insulation for wood and metal framing systems. Friction-fit design ensures the insulation will not slump or sag in the cavity. VOC free, nontoxic, & treated with natural fire retardant.


Exterior and interior cavity thermo-acoustic insulation

thermal value





24” OC 16” OC LGS

Materials matter.

You can feel the difference with HempWool®.

Healthy material

Gone are the days of the itchy pink stuff. Hempitecture HempWool is a thermal insulation building material that is good for you and our planet. Made of 90% natural fiber, HempWool is the safe, healthy, and sustainable insulation.

Why HempWool® insulation?


Your healthy home starts right here with HempWool®. Insulation is one of the last things on your mind when building your home, and this leads to unhealthy, toxic materials being snuck into your walls. Be proactive and don’t settle for the competitors, get the healthiest insulation money can buy.


If you wouldn’t touch a product with your hands, why would you cover all of your home with it? HempWool is 90% hemp fiber and 10% binder. Due to its simple composition and non-toxic additives, it is safe to touch and handle without gloves, while giving you peace of mind.


The pressure fit system that keeps HempWool in place with no slumping or sagging means better overall performance. HempWool will help reduce your heating and cooling costs: the high thermal inertia of HempWool makes it a phase-shift resistant material, keeping the home comfortable all year round.

Where HempWool® is used

HempWool excels in diverse builds. Click for details. Ideal for vans, RVs, and homes. Questions or ideas? Message us or book a consult.

DIY home shed project utilizes hempwool insulation that is shown exposed in the walls and a dog looking out a window

Resources & Downloads

HempWool Overview

HempWool TDS

HempWool Installation Guide (English)

HempWool Installation Guide (Spanish)

HempWool Price Sheet (retail only)

HempWool Look Book


The Home of HempWool® Fiber Insulation

HempWool® is a thermal insulation product manufactured and sold in a panelized, batt-like form. HempWool is appropriate for anywhere in your thermal envelope, including walls, floors, ceilings, attics, and partition walls.

At R3.7 / in, the insulation factor of HempWool is comparable to many products on the market, such as fiberglass insulation, mineral wool insulation, or sheeps wool insulation.

HempWool® has a negative carbon footprint, meaning that it offsets and stores more carbon dioxide than is emitted from the manufacturing of the product itself.

Benefits include: non-toxic, mold-resistant, phase shift regulator, non-irritating, healthy, resistant to pests, and many more.




At R3.7 / in, HempWool is an ideal thermal insulation material.


Phase Shift

High Phase Shift Resistance means your house won’t overheat in summer and resists the coldest winter temperatures.



HempWool is capable of being exposed to moisture and maintaining R Value



HempWool attenuates sound transmission comparably to most other fiber insulation materials.

Interested in biobased solutions?

How to buy HempWool®

HempWool® is easy to buy. With our locations growing across the US, you can buy HempWool® direct from one of these locations using our Buy Direct Platform.

Get a price quote, and even book your delivery of insulation directly to your project site!

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