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Hempitecture is the US leader in hemp construction. We work with architects, builders, engineers, and developers to build energy efficient, non-toxic, and carbon absorbing environments. We can help you use hemp based insulation materials on your next project.

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Hempcrete is:

Plant Based.

We work with fair & sustainably practicing farmers and processors in the United States and Canada to provide hemp core to building grade specification.

From the earth and into your home.


Bound By Earth.

The importance of hempcrete binder can never be underestimated and our products were carefully selected and tested to create long lasting biocomposites that are resilient, healthy, and high performing.

Hempitecture uses a specifically formulated mineral based binder that is ideal for bonding hemp core both in spray applied and cast in place methods.

Carbon Dioxide Absorbing.

We believe your walls should not just keep you comfortable, they should help clean the environment.

The materials used to create hempcrete biocomposites absorb CO2 during the curing process. Additionally, CO2 is absorbed and offset during the life cycle of the industrial hemp plant. Few decisions in your construction program can take as much carbon out of the atmosphere as deciding to build with hempcrete. 


Increased Energy Performance



Save Money

Benefits of Hempcrete


There are 2 primary ways of building with Hemp Lime composites. Learn which one is right for you below.


Cast In Place


Hemp Blocks


Wondering how much hempcrete you need for your next project?

Use our calculator tools to determine how many units of hempcrete you'll need. 

Questions before you order?

Need building materials for your next project?

We've sourced the best materials in the world, so you don't have to.


hemp binder bag rescaled.jpg

Hempitecture is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Limestrong Build Hemp Binder in the US.

Formulated by Limestrong for hempcrete building projects, this lime binder is manufactured and assembled in the US.


Certifiably Fireproof.

Hempitecture is the first company in the US to have its' hemp lime formulation tested to the rigors of ASTM E84. This fire resistance test proved conclusively that our material is fireproof. 

In fact, on a scale of 0-450, with 450 being extremely flammable, our samples scored 0 for flame spread and smoke developed. To learn more, view the report.


Need help getting started?

Book a consulting call with Hempitecture

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Consult with a Hempitecture Technician
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Are you a building professional interested in hempcrete?

Professional grade equipment for builders

The equipment you need to complete professional installations

Equipment Anchor
Small to Medium Batching

Imer vertical shaft pan maxers are ideal for small to medium batching of hempcrete. 

Medium to xl batching

Eterra Bucket Mixers are for the serious builder. These skidsteer mounted mixers are ideal for large to XL batching of hempcrete


Questions on equipment? Let us help.

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Ereasy Spray Machine

Professional training for Contractors

Wondering where to start? Join Hempitecture for our Contractor Training Program.

Want to know more about Hempcrete?

Visit our resources page for Hempitecture curated information on hemp building materials, techniques, testing data, and more


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