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About Hempitecture

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Our Philosophy

The amount of time we spend indoors and our dependence on synthetic and toxic buildings materials have never been greater.  We seek to create habitats that reflect and remind us of our natural world, not set us apart from it. 

We believe that buildings made from the earth can increase our enjoyment of the world around us and will allow us to live with respect for nature while remaining conscious of the impact we have on it. 


We have made this commitment from our company's foundation—our corporate charter declares Hempitecture a public benefit corporation with a purpose to create healthy, energy efficient habitats that positively impact inhabitants as well as environment through the sequestration of Carbon Dioxide.


Our Home

We work all across the United States but Hempitecture is headquartered in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Sun Valley's natural setting allows us to enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis while remaining centrally located to the green building markets of the Rocky Mountain West & the Pacific Northwest.  

If you are ever interested in visiting us or receiving a tour of one of our nearby building projects, please let us know.

The Hempitecture Team


Mattie Mead

CEO + Founder

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Mattie brings vast experience in building and environmental leadership.  In addition to the most hempcrete experience in the United States, Mattie has years of general construction experience that allow him to take hempcrete projects from the design stage through finished construction.  A respected member and voice for sustainability in his local community, Mattie serves as the youngest member ever on the planning and zoning committee of Ketchum, ID.

Before Hempitecture, Mattie studied architecture and environmental studies at Hobart and William Smith College. 


Tommy Gibbons

COO + Founder

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Tommy comes to Hempitecture with experience in corporate finance and growing early stage companies.  He complements his business experience with a green building background that includes a certification as a LEED Green Associate, a Department of Energy IMPEL+ innovator, and training from France's l'École Nationale du Chanvre.

Before joining Hempitecture, Tommy worked at Piper and Goldman Sachs.  He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in public policy.

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