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We are proud to donate this Giving Tuesday to the Community First! Village

Today is Giving Tuesday, an opportunity for businesses and individuals to donate to and support nonprofit causes and organizations that make the world a better place.

At Hempitecture, we sell and manufacture building materials. By nature, building materials can really only serve certain people, because you have to have a home or structure to put our products in. That's why on this Giving Tuesday, we're supporting Community First! Village in Austin, TX.

Community First! Village is a 51-acre master-planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for those coming out of chronic homelessness. Developed by Mobile Loaves & Fishes, this transformative residential program exists to love and serve our neighbors who have been living on the streets, while also empowering the surrounding community into a lifestyle of service with the homeless.

This donation is made possible by the 2021 Hemp Building Summit, hosted in Austin, Texas. Hempitecture & Hemp Building Ventures organized this event which attracted about 200 individuals from across the United States to learn about more sustainable building methods, health in the built environment, and the status of the Hemp Industry both in Texas and nationwide. Hempitecture and Hemp Building Ventures named Community First!Village a beneficiary of the event, with a portion of the proceeds from the event going to support Community First! Village. Henry Valles of Hemp Building Ventures actually built the first hempcrete building in Texas in this incredible community.

Alan Graham, founder of Community First! Village and Mobile Loaves and Fishes was a keynote speaker at the Hemp Building Summit. His words were inspirational. He spoke of how Community is capable of bringing individuals who are chronically homeless to a place of stability; because once we build relationships, we find that when others depend on you and you depend on them, you find and create a greater sense of purpose. This idea of creating purpose and community is woven into everything Community First! Village does, with on-site community gardens, repair shops, and trade school programming.

Hempitecture and Hemp Building Ventures is proud to make a donation of $3,000 to Community First! Village. Thanks to a $36.6 million match donation from Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, this $3,000 donation will go even farther in helping combat homelessness in Austin, Texas. Thank you to everyone who came to the Hemp Building Summit in Austin, as you have helped make this $3,000 donation possible.

To learn more about Community First! visit:

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