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The Santa Monica Commercial Project

The first commercial HempWool project in the United States is complete.

This build was an investment project undertaken by prominent Hollywood actor, Robert Downey Jr. Known for his lead role in the Ironman movie series, Downey is seeking to decarbonize his portfolio and encourage others to build sustainably and lower their carbon footprint. With his new foundation, The Footprint Coalition, Downey seeks to lead by example with an effort to minimize human impact on our fragile climate.

So why did Downey choose HempWool?

The answer is simple: HempWool is a plant based, healthy, non-toxic insulation with a low carbon footprint. Downey's team performed an exhaustive search of building materials and to make their newest project high performing. With California building codes striving towards net zero energy consumption, the project sets an example of what can be done with underperforming, existing buildings.

In February, the Hempitecture team visited the site of this commercial renovation project in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. We completed a training of Downey's subcontractors, teaching him the tools of the trade to successfully install HempWool. After the project, Alta Construction had this to say:

"It was a no brainer, easy to use, and my crew was blown away by how soft the material was. We've never worked on a project where you could handle the insulation without gloves." - Alta Construction

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, Hempitecture checked in on the projects progress, which was 95% complete. When complete, the space will serve as a personal training center for Downey and other Hollywood elites who will receive private training at the location.

Are you interested in using HempWool on your project? Don't hesitate to reach out to the Hempitecture team. We're happy to assist you in making your project sustainable, healthy, and high performing. Contact for more information.

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