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Session 5 of Hempcrete Contractor Training

Session 5 of Hempitecture Hempcrete Contractor Training Program is complete!

Since piloting our first Hempcrete Contractor Training Course less than 6 months ago, Hempitecture has trained over 20 builders and individuals looking to get a foothold in the emerging hemp building industry.

It's beyond just nuts and bolts, hammer and nail, hemp and lime: it's friendships, connecting over shared ideas, and building a community of support to build better, healthier, more sustainable communities, and more sustainable futures.

Session 5 was especially unique and special, as our course was comprised of students from Los Angeles Trade Technical College who have formed the Industrial Hemp Alliance at their trade school, which is home to the largest school district for trade colleges in the US. These students give us hope for the world. The places that need sustainable, healthy materials the most are our urban centers.

Traveling all the way from South Central LA, these students are returning to their community equipped with skills that very few others have. They will undoubtedly share those skills with others, accelerating action towards the adoption of more sustainable building practices. It's our hope that this training will lend, albeit in maybe a small way, to a more equitable world for all people - no matter your skin color, where you live, or how much money you have.

Thank you to the students who left their homes, jobs, and comfort zone for 4 unforgettable days in Idaho, learning to build with hempcrete with us!

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