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Our Top Moments from 2021

Looking back to this time last year (that was 2020 right?) it's amazing to see the progress that has been made here at Hempitecture. Although these last couple of years have been many things, we are grateful for the milestones and opportunities shared. Before we jump into 2022, let's take a moment to reflect on the most memorable moments of the last year and see what we have achieved together.

The legalization of Hemp Cultivation and Processing in Idaho

H.B. 126 legalized the cultivation and processing of Industrial Hemp in Idaho

In 2021, Hempitecture worked hand-in-hand with state legislators, the Farm Bureau, and the Idaho Department of Agriculture to allow hemp production and cultivation in Idaho. On April 16th, 2021, Idaho governor, Brad Little, signed House Bill 126 into law. H.B. 126 legalizes the production, processing, research, and transportation of industrial hemp with up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in Idaho, as previously reported by Hemp Grower.

The Groundbreaking of our new US Manufacturing facility for HempWool® production in the US

The groundbreaking in Jerome, ID marks the beginning of Hempitecture's next chapter and is an opportunity to take a moment and give thanks to all the individuals who helped us get to this point. We are proud to be building a company that not only makes healthy and sustainable products, but a company that values the importance of US manufacturing, a developing US supply chain, and creates clean, ag-tech jobs for the region. We expect our facility to be operational in 2022.

Obtaining the first Industrial Hemp License in Idaho

What looks like just a piece of paper is so much more than that. Over the last few years, Mattie Mead, our CEO, and Founder has testified a number of times at hearings on industrial hemp at the Idaho Capitol building. There have been countless phone calls to legislators, meetings with the Farm Bureau, and providing feedback on provisions within the Bill. We are excited to see what potential this license brings to our communities here in Idaho!

Accepting a research grant with the Department of Energy at Oakridge National Lab

A two-year research project for the US Department of Energy will study HempWool, a hemp-fiber insulation batt

Hempitecture was awarded a two-year research fellowship with the US Department of Energy, Building Technologies Office, through Innovation Crossroads. This opportunity will allow Hempitecture and research partners to further study HempWool®, a hemp-fiber insulation batt. The US Department of Energy is supporting the extensive study of hemp-fiber insulation in a research and development program for entrepreneurs at the Tennessee-based Oak Ridge National Laboratory. CIO and co-founder, Tommy Gibbons, was awarded a two-year Innovation Crossroads fellowship through the DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office.

The grant program supports science-based startups to help advance “game-changing technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace,” according to the Innovation Crossroads website.

In January, the Biden Administration directed the Department of Energy to spearhead the United States policy by driving innovation and deployment of clean energy technology and decarbonization to address climate change.

Receiving a $206k research grant with University of Idaho

This spring, the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) awarded the University of Idaho with a $206,624 grant to assist industry partner Hempitecture Inc. with research and development on their natural fiber insulation product called HempWool®. The project team will conduct insulation, fire resistance, and thermal conductivity tests. This cooperative effort will advance HempWool®, as a pioneering sustainable product in the building industry.

Launching our Buy Direct Platform for HempWool

"The experience was designed with the Tesla 'Order Customizer' flow in mind, seeking to create an experience that was both beautiful and highly functional," said Mattie Mead, CEO of Hempitecture. "We view this technology as disruptive in its own right, changing the way in which customers can buy building materials."

To check it out go to or learn more here

Launching and raising $3.7 million on WeFunder

Seeing our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign come to life has been rewarding, exciting, and... let's just say... very involved! We're so thankful for everyone who has contributed to our capital campaign. We have passed our goal of $2.5m and are excited to see that we are at $3.7 million! You can still reserve an investment. As we work to get our final pieces of paperwork in order with the SEC, the ability to be on our reservation list remains. Learn more and invest here.

The 2021 Hemp Building Summit in Austin, Texas

This year at the 2021 Hemp Building Summit, our community grew with nearly 200 individuals who traveled to Austin to share ideas, collaboration and share in envision a more sustainable world and a better-built environment. This community, without a doubt, is forging a pathway forward where sustainability, the health of our planet, and human health are all intertwined as a priority that will lead their work. With the help of our incredible sponsors, attendees, and the team we were proudly able to raise a $3000 donation to the Community First! Village, learn more here.

All of our incredible features from podcasts to articles, including this one from Freethink Media

"Hempitecture is one of a growing number of companies using hemp for its durability, versatility, and sustainability as a building material. The Idaho-based startup is focusing on insulation. Hemp-based insulation products are as effective at insulating buildings as common insulators like fiberglass, and they’re significantly better for the environment."

Peep the rest of the article and see their great video here.

Witnessed the growth of the Hempitecture team including our incredible advisors and partnerships!

This time last year, Hempitecture was still a team of just cofounders. Since then, we have added two new additions to our crew (with more positions becoming both filled and available), grew our advisor team with brilliant folks such as Aimee Christianson, Dr. Brian George, and Belinda Carr, and we have also been incredibly fortunate in developing wonderful partnerships with businesses such as IND Hemp and Limestrong. We also have a have a great amount of gratitude to the Southern Economic Development team and the Idaho Department of Commerce for their endless support!

With so much to be thankful for, our number one is and will always be you, for being a part of our community. From our supporters and believers, clients and partners, to our friends and colleagues we really could not have done this without everyone. Our communities are what makes us stronger and together we are building a better healthier world for all. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to the tops of the Hemp plant (which can grow quite tall!) we are excited to see what good we create in the upcoming year. We wish you and yours a healthy and safe New Year!

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