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Insulation Production Line Under Construction

Hempitecture and OEM Partner reports equipment construction is underway for a 2022 delivery.

After months of working closely with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner on the design of our manufacturing line, our equipment is now under construction. The construction process includes many steps, which originate from an engineering plan set designed and developed in tandem with the OEM and Hempitecture. This plan set incorporates all the necessary machines to achieve our product goals in a linear line layout.

From the line layout, the individual components of the line are broken down into tasks for production. This includes CNC machining of the housings, sourcing of motors, gears, chains, and interior components essential to the construction of the line components. With the fabricated parts and essential components in hand, our OEM partner has begun assembling the machinery in order from the end-of-line to the beginning of the line. The process of producing HempWool includes fiber preparation, mat formation, bonding, cutting, and stacking. Pictured here is the cutting unit that slices and chops the insulation panels into widths that are commonly used in residential and commercial construction. There is flexibility in how the blades are positioned so that our equipment can produce unique dimensions for different kinds of construction methods, including light-gage-steel, as well as Canadian and European framing dimensions.

The bonding oven is one of the most essential components to making HempWool dimensionally stable. That means that the insulation panels are rigid enough to handle and will remain friction-fit in the wall cavity, with no slumping or sagging. This sagging problem is seen with a number of our competitor's products, such as fiberglass and sheep wool. Pictured here are sections of the through-bonding oven that applies heat and pressure to the panels, making them a high-performing, sustainable insulation product that builders love to use.

In addition to the machines pictured here under construction, there are a number of other components that will move into production as we move towards 2022. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of our manufacturing line construction and the timeline for our facility build-out.

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We are truly excited for 2022 and all that is to come, and we wish you a healthy, safe, and Happy New Year!

Cheers to 2022 from the Hempitecture Team!

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