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Idaho-Based Companies Build for the Future

Hempitecture celebrates its partnership with Hess Pumice and Limestrong in developing sustainable, healthier building materials.

Hempitecture is proud to announce its partnership with Hess Pumice and their affiliate company, Limestrong, to supply natural building products with a locally sourced Lime binder.

Hess Pumice, based in Southeastern Idaho, is a mining operation and processing facility specializing in the extraction and refining of high-quality pumice. Pumice made its mark in history as being of value to the industry when Roman engineers combined pumice aggregate and fine-grained pumice (a pozzolan) with their hydrated lime cement to make a lightweight, enduring concrete. Pozzolan is particularly valuable to the natural building industry, as it accelerates the curing and solidification of natural lime-based materials - think Hempcrete!

Limestrong produces high-performing lime finishes for both interior and exterior treatments for walls. These lime finishes are a natural and healthier substitution for conventional wall finish materials like latex paint. Since the development of this partnership, we have developed a high-performance pozzolan + lime blend which is the first U.S. sourced as a hempcrete specific binder, Limestrong Build. This plaster lime is specifically formulated for the finishing and rendering of Hempcrete, strawbale buildings, and other natural bio-based materials.

Local and sustainable, Hess Pumice is invested in helping other Idaho-based companies develop new product offerings that incorporate pumice and lime. While we are still in the earliest phases of collaboration, Hempitecture is excited for this partnership with Hess Pumice and limestrong. We are looking forward to working together in further expanding upon existing and future products, such as modular building material solutions using Hemp, Lime, and Pumice.

Additionally, Hempitecture named Hess Pumice as an industry partner in the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) Grant to research and evaluate the performance of Hempcrete building materials in the United States in conjunction with the University of Idaho's School of Renewable Resources. We are excited and humbled by this opportunity to partner with other U.S. manufacturing and businesses in localizing our building supply chain, while pursuing our mission in building a better, healthier world for all.

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