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Hempitecture welcomes our newest team member!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Growing up in the mountains of the Sun Valley area, Jonnie developed a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors and the arts at a young age. After receiving her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in performance arts from Boise State University, Jonnie has worked with several nonprofit organizations and businesses both internationally and within the U.S. gaining experience in a variety of professions including working with small businesses, teaching, grant writing, performance arts, and now joining us here at Hempitecture.

"After university, I found myself developing a burgeoning interest in the impact we had on our environment and exploring alternatives to our linear: take, make, and waste model of living. I wanted something better for the earth and everything on it, so I decided that I wanted to develop a career with sustainability, community equity, and social/environmental justice at the forefront of what I do. My love for research, resource building, and helping others has steered me through some wonderful opportunities including a research assistantship, volunteering with nonprofits, and helping with the development of Better Source Project, a directory of environmentally conscious resources for designers and businesses.

The world itself is a circular machine - we really are the only species on earth that creates waste; I want to be a part of the change in designing better systems for our wonderfully weird world. I've found myself taking a number of workshops, classes, and certifications and am constantly amazed by all the incredible potential that exists. I firmly believe that our future is through an intersectional lens of circularity and community care. This opportunity to work with Hempitecture in developing a better world through greener, sustainable building materials is an absolute dream. I am beyond grateful to be joining this team of innovators! Getting to admire these mountains from our office isn't too bad either."

Jonnie will be our new Growth Operations Specialist, where she will be "wearing a lot of different hats" according to Mattie Mead. She will handle everything from customer service to marketing and social media to operational logistics. If you're interested in discussing resources, sharing recipes, or dad jokes Jonnie is the person to chat with. We look forward to having Jonnie on the team!

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