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Hempitecture Secures Purchase Order with Global Equipment Manufacturer

After nearly a year of diligence, testing trials, and multifaceted evaluations, Hempitecture has selected an Original Equipment Manufacturing partner to begin the production process for Hempitecture’s state-of-the-art nonwoven insulation manufacturing line. The manufacturing line Hempitecture has agreed to purchase is compiled from nonwoven technologies existing across the textile recycling, fiber separation, and mat-forming industries. The primary engineering firm designing and building the manufacturing line for Hempitecture is based in Italy, with sourced components from across the EU.

“Choosing the right configuration of equipment for both HempWool manufacturing and the manufacture of other nonwoven materials using natural fibers was a deeply involved process,” said Matthew Mead, founder & CEO of Hempitecture. “Countless hours of research and energy went into the selection process, which culminated in conducting trials with the narrowed down selection of OEMs. After this diligence process, we are happy to announce that we have reached a formal agreement that culminated with a multi-million dollar purchase order.”

The manufacturing line is slated to be built this fall, with delivery to the United States scheduled for early 2022. The equipment is estimated to fill 10 high cube containers that will be shipped from Italy to the US. Once the containers reach US soil, they will be transported to Hempitecture’s facility in Jerome, Idaho, where they will be configured during a commissioning process. This location will serve as Hempitecture’s first manufacturing facility, with capabilities including thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, continuous exterior insulation, and toll manufacturing capabilities.

“This international partnership brings novel technology to the United States, and will create clean manufacturing jobs in the massively growing Southern Idaho economic development corridor,” said Tommy Gibbons, Cofounder and Chief Innovation Officer of Hempitecture.

On September 15th, Hempitecture cofounders visited the OEM to finalize the terms of the contract, and further design the equipment to fit the recently finalized North Bridge Junction facility in Jerome, Idaho.

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