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Hempitecture Launches New Buy Direct Platform

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

After months of development with a group of software programmers, Hempitecture Inc. is happy to announce the beta launch of the "Direct Insulation Experience." This new platform is designed to seamlessly allow customers in the US to buy HempWool® easier than ever before.

The new platform utilizes a shipping Application Program Interface (API) to pull Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping quotes from a number of shipping partners. Additionally, the tool serves as a valuable estimation software for customers seeking to price out the cost of HempWool for their projects. Once the total amount of material is calculated, the shipping API is sent information that can then accurately generate shipping quotes.

"This innovation eliminates the customer buying pain points experienced when looking to estimate the material and shipping costs of HempWool," said Tommy Gibbons, COO of Hempitecture. "Since scaling our HempWool sales and distribution, we found ourselves spending significant amounts of time pulling manual shipping quotes and building estimates for customers. This automated process provides a high level of service, thanks to the speed and efficiency in which customers can get the information they need."

In addition to being a valuable tool for Hempitecture customers, it also builds a pipeline of leads and provides market data on HempWool® demand. Since the soft launch of the Direct Insulation Experience just weeks ago, there is already a $300k+ pipeline of HempWool sales.

"The experience was designed with the Tesla 'Order Customizer' flow in mind, seeking to create an experience that was both beautiful and highly functional," said Mattie Mead, CEO of Hempitecture. "We view this technology as disruptive in its own right, changing the way in which customers can buy building materials."

To check it out go to now or click the link below!

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