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Hempitecture is Laying the Foundation for “Healthy Living”

By Cash Crop Today

In traditionally constructed living or work environments, where human beings spend the majority of their lives, the building materials that are used are toxic. From the timber used for framing, the insulation, the finish materials, the furniture and décor are all saturated with toxic chemicals that are emitted into our environments as temperatures fluctuate.

The inhabitants of these toxic buildings breath in these emitted toxins which are a primary factor in the sky rocketing increase in disease of all kinds over the last 50-75 years. The construction industry is one of the most unsustainable industries that exists today.

Developers and building materials manufacturers develop products that require deforestation, thereby reducing the earth’s ability to sequester carbon.

Matthew Mead, the found of Hempitecture, is an industrial hemp entrepreneur that is on a mission to lay the foundation of “healthy living” for home owners in the United States. Hempitecture is a startup company that is focused on using natural and reusable resources to build energy efficient, non-toxic, construction projects using the industrial hemp plant to what is known as hempcrete.

Hempcrete can me made by mixing the inner woody core of the hemp plant called the hurd with a mineral based binder, usually lime, to create a cohesive mixture that will go through a solidification process. The hemp that is grown and harvested for construction projects sequesters CO2 both during and after the building process is complete, reducing the effects of global warming. Hempcrete is also fire, pest, and mold proof and provides an optimal thermal and acoustic living environment.

Hempitecture and local builders, Bellingham Bay Builders, in Washington state are currently under construction on “The Highland Hemp House,” which aims to become the model for sustainable home construction hemp projects.

For more information about Hempitecture visit their website here.


The Highland Hemp House has currently stripped the toxic materials leaving only the original frame the house was built on. Infill will begin this spring.

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