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Hempitecture Contractor Training

Why Hempitecture Contractor Training?

Getting a start with a new green building material can be a process. There are many great books out there to build your base knowledge in building with hemp lime. Some of our favorites are "The Hempcrete Book" by William Stanwix and Alex Sparrow, "Building with Hemp Lime" by Rachel Bevan and Tom Wooley, and "Hemp+Lime" by Prof. Alison Mears and Jonsara Ruth.

Reading from trusted sources like these is an essential starting place. With this background, you're better equipped to work with hempcrete. The understanding of hempcrete as a system, and where the hammer meets the nail, is where Hempitecture Contractor Training begins.

Working with hempcrete requires hands on experience and this experience is difficult to gain without a project of your own to work on. Most clients won't be willing to foot the bill for your learning curve on site. Attending Hempitecture Contractor Training will give you hands-on hempcrete building experience tailored to individuals who already have a base understanding in hemp lime.

Who is Hempitecture Contractor Training for?

Hempitecture Contractor Training is for more than just building contractors. Whether you are from the architectural and design side, or are a DIY'er, or the top general contractor in your area, our training session will give you a broad spectrum, hands-on look at the essentials of hempcrete construction.

We have an application process to be accepted to Contractor Training. We do this to be able to select candidates that we think will be well suited for the program. Each course is tailored to the experience level of the group.

Where is Hempitecture Contractor Training?

Hempitecture Contractor Training is located at the Hempitecture HQ in beautiful Sun Valley, ID. Our space, The Innovation Lab, is our office and workspace hub that offers views of Sun Valley's Bald Mountain.

What about COVID?

We take your health, the health of our team, and the health of our community seriously. We have rescheduled our Contractor Training program to occur again in early June, opting to stay home and help flatten the curve. Our class sizes are small and we are keeping them that way. In the summer, we're able to open the garage door and let fresh air flow. In between Contractor Training programs, we'll have our space professionally cleaned. During trainings, we'll be wearing gloves and masks, as is standard practice when working with Hempcrete. Here in Idaho, construction work is considered essential and small gatherings are permitted. We'll work to accommodate the needs of our participants during this time to keep everyone safe and healthy.

When is Contractor Training?

Contractor Training Session 3: June 4th - 7th

Contractor Training Session 4: June 11th - 14th

Apply today, and we'll see you in Sun Valley soon.

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