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Hemp Building at Idaho BaseCamp

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We're funded!

But that doesn't mean our campaign is over. All additional funding will go to our hemp building research + prototyping. The project at Idaho BaseCamp is just one exciting aspect of what is going on at Hempitecture. We want to innovate hemp building materials here in the United States, for the United States. Please consider backing us so we can gain a sure footing as an emerging company. 

Hemp building is a time tested earth building strategy that has been applied in many parts of the world. Recognized for it's incredible insulating ability, ease of construction, and it's natural, organic nature, hemp construction has become the premier sustainable building strategy for select architects across the world. It is a simple technique, requiring only the core fiber of the industrial hemp plant, a mixture of natural minerals, and water. When combined, a material called hempcrete is created. 

This material is non-toxic, carbon-negative, energy-efficient, adding up to what is quite possibly the most sustainable building material on the planet. This material is then cast around structural framing, creating a naturally breathable wall system.

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