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Expansion Continues: New Warehouses in Texas and North Carolina!

We're excited to announce a significant expansion in our operations in further making sustainable and non-toxic building materials more available! We've recently added two warehouse distribution centers to our network, strategically located in Taylor, Texas, and Lumberton, North Carolina.

These state-of-the-art warehouses are more than just buildings; they're our commitment to serving you better, faster, and more efficiently. Let's dive into what these new additions mean for you:

Faster Deliveries: With our new distribution centers, we can now get your orders to you even faster. Reduced delivery times mean you'll receive our eco-friendly insulation materials promptly.

Lower Shipping Costs: Shorter shipping distances translate to reduced shipping costs. This makes our sustainable insulation solutions even more cost-effective for you.

Greater Availability: Our increased warehousing capacity means greater availability of our HempWool insulation and other eco-friendly products that are coming soon! You can access our materials when you need them.

These warehouses also align with our mission of sustainability.

We're thrilled about this expansion and look forward to serving you even better with these new facilities. Stay tuned via our newsletter for more exciting updates (Sign up for it at the bottom)!

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