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Customer Stories: The Positive Impact of HempWool Insulation on Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency

At Hempitecture, we are passionate about creating sustainable insulation materials that benefit both the environment and our customers. We believe that biobased HempWool® insulation is the future of sustainable building, and we're proud to have helped countless homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills. In this post, we're sharing some success stories from our satisfied customers to give you a better idea of how our biobased insulation can benefit your home.

“I used it in my bale/cob home and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I telling everyone about it!”

Kay L.

“We insulated the garage so that it could be climate controlled, the space feels a lot dryer, quieter, and of course easier to climate control. We put a 2" air space between the exterior block wall and the Hemp. We think this will provide a good thermal envelope for a garage. We sheet rocked on top of the hemp.” -Carol C.

“This product has worked out perfectly for my family's needs. We used it to insulate the deck, walls, and roof of our permanent home yurt. The unique make of the material serves us well especially on the roof due to the unique condensation issues faced by a yurt. The most difficult part of the process was hand-cutting most bats due to the non-uniform sizes and shapes of the wall studs and roof beams (wedge shape for the roof cavities). We are extremely happy with our purchase and its insulating quality is amazing!”

George B. (Vermont)

We hope that these success stories have given you a better idea of how biobased insulation can benefit your home. If you're interested in learning more about our insulation materials, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine whether biobased insulation is the right choice for your home.

Reach out to Max for a complimentary consultation call here.

In conclusion, we're proud to have played a part in helping these homeowners work with safe and efficient materials that reduce their carbon footprint. Our biobased insulation materials are a sustainable, cost-effective, and high-performing alternative to traditional insulation materials, and we believe that they have the power to transform the building industry for the better.

You can order HempWool directly at

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