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Construction Advances on Hempitecture Manufacturing Facility

Crews have been steadily at work, making significant progress at the Northbridge Junction building site in Jerome, Idaho. Led by both Bonneville Construction and Peterson Construction, Northbridge Junction is a first-of-its-kind development in South Central Idaho. Located along the I-84 Corridor, the North Bridge Junction development boasts strategic reach to critical markets and is located in the heart of Idaho agricultural land. The combination of these attributes makes this site the ideal location for Hempitecture’s insulation manufacturing facility.

Hempitecture’s flagship manufacturing facility brings international technology to the heart of Idaho, while also bringing green-tech jobs to the state. Through an agreement with the development team, Hempitecture is the first occupant of the Northbridge Junction site. With significant high-bay square footage to be constructed on the manufacturing campus over the next 5 years, this site presents the opportunity for Hempitecture to grow and expand in place, while also leaving room for development in other strategic regions across the US.

The core-shell tilt-up building is made from prefabricated concrete panels with a 32’ high ceiling. This method of industrial construction allows Hempitecture to achieve high density in its material pallet racking positions, making the Jerome facility not only Hempitecture’s primary manufacturing facility but also, a distribution center for B2B partners ordering full truckloads. Additionally, the building will be powered by renewable energy sources, lowering the carbon footprint of Hempitecture’s operations. In the spring of 2022, Hempitecture will work with local solar energy consultants to assess the feasibility of adding rooftop solar, furthering Hempitecture’s low-embodied energy and low-embodied carbon goals.

With construction on track, Hempitecture will begin to move into its manufacturing facility in April of 2022. After this, Hempitecture will enter the commissioning phase - working to set up the equipment configuration that enables the manufacture of hemp insulation. This process is anticipated to take 1 to 2 months. We’ll continue to update you regarding the status of construction.

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