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The Time has come for US Manufacturing to look a little...greener.

At Hempitecture, we've brought manufacturing back to America with a mission to build a better world.

Utilizing state-of-the-art nonwoven technology and renewable energy to power it, we are creating high-performing, nontoxic, and low-carbon thermal insulating materials with North American grown natural fibers.

Now that's what we call developing the full circle materials.


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American  GROWN


American Made

Grand Opening
February 17th, 2023

Join us for a lively discussion and tour of Hempitecture's insulation products, manufacturing process, and meet our hardworking team as we share the first ever inside look to how we intend to change building materials for the better.

Interested in learning more? Watch this video preview of the Hempitecture HempWool Insulation Manufacturing Facility

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