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We're a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to a better tomorrow.

At Hempitecture, we're rising to the challenges of today.

Hempitecture was founded with the idea that healthy, sustainable materials can help build a better world. These materials can help build a better world by contributing to our health, saving energy, and storing carbon dioxide.

We achieve our mission by focusing on biobased, natural building materials that are designed to replace conventional, toxic materials.

The time is now. 


Our Beliefs.

Mission Statement:

Hempitecture's mission is to build a better world with better materials for people & planet.

Company Description:

Hempitecture is a Public Benefit Corporation with a focus on the most sustainable building materials on the planet. Our building materials benefit both people and the planet because they are derived from carbon capturing, agricultural industrial hemp, a non-toxic renewable feedstock. Our primary product is HempWool® insulation, a natural fiber batt insulation product. We intend to be continually innovative, and therefore, are always considering developing new products, new ideas, and new partnerships.

Public Benefit Corporation Statement:

Hempitecture’s purpose is to create healthy, energy efficient habitats that positively impact inhabitants as well as the environment through the sequestration of Carbon Dioxide.

Vision Statement:

Hempitecture imagines a tangible future where natural, non-toxic building materials like HempWool become the industry standard. We believe that by scaling natural building materials in the United States and beyond, we can help displace harmful, unhealthy, unsustainable building materials. By displacing these building materials, we help create healthier homes, buildings, and therefore, happier people, and a healthier planet. In doing so, we will be a profitable company that will become an acquisition target for a larger building materials company, or we will be a publicly traded company through an IPO.

Core Values:

Innovation: Hempitecture believes in a process of continual improvement and believes that innovation is core to that process of continual improvement

Professionalism: Hempitecture has sought to distinguish itself in our space by having professionalism in everything we do. From our website, to our email signatures, to our social media posts, to our personal representation with clients and in our personal lives, we embody professionalism that contributes to a trust and reputational credibility.

Customer Focus: Hempitecture realizes that our customers are what make us tick and allow us to further our mission of benefiting both people and planet through more sustainable building materials. We strive to provide the best customer experience possible, while also being respectful of our own time and efficiently handling customer inquiries, requests, and complaints. A customer centric approach allows us to have happier customers who then become advocates for Hempitecture and our mission

Quality: Hempitecture believes that the only way to have our products be well received and adopted by more customers, and therefore the market at large, our products must be manufactured with quality, consistency, and be reliable.

Culture: Hempitecture intends to create an inclusive environment for not only our team members, but also our customers. Culture at Hempitecture is an evolving concept and everyone at Hempitecture has the ability to help shape and develop culture.

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Hempitecture Inc. is headquartered in Ketchum, ID.

Ketchum is a historic, western town synonymous with the Union Pacific Railroad. Home to innovators, recreationalists, and entrepreneurs, Ketchum and the surrounding Idaho area provides an unrivaled work life balance.


Our Operations

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 2.52.46 PM.png

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT is the current home of our western distribution center, run by Hatch Logistics

Knoxville, TN

Knoxville, TN is the current home of our mid atlantic distribution center, run by RS Logistics

Jerome, ID

Jerome, ID is home to our manufacturing center. Expected completion date of Q2, 2022

Meet The Team



"Standout Company"


"30 Under 30: Manufacturing and Industry"

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"Most Innovative Project"

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